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Interest of the Nation Comes First and Last

The advancement and development of nations are measured by the advancement and development of its economy. And the effectiveness of this economy is measured by its bases and its positive influence on the general level.

The real economy stands on three basic factors:

  • Sharing in the general development of the country.

  • Protecting the national currency and saving hard currency for the country, through local productivity- industrial, agriculture or commercial.

  • providing jobs for the working power, to alleviate the burden on the government shoulder.

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These three bases were indeed the main directives behind establishing EL-AGHIL GROUP 1927, the seed that has developed several companies in various fields through 16 years of continuous efforts.

The real citizenship indeed pushes faithful citizen to seek best means to help develop and promote the economy of his country and to employ his efforts and money in this regard.
We cannot deny the world fact, that profit is the main goal behind any individual project. But in developing countries which need cooperation of all faithful hands, this target will return a general profit for the whole nation.

We have indeed sought to be of this category, and the geographical-productive distribution of EL-AGHIL GROUP gives the real proof that we are after all and before all putting the interest of the nation above all interests.

This was always and will continue to be our goal through the future. It is a promise we have given and will never decline, whatever, the sacrifices will be.