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About El-Aghil Group

El-Aghil Trading Company

Founded in 1927, El-Aghil Group of Companies started through establishing El-Aghil Trading Company. El-Aghil Trading Company is the mother company of El-Aghil Group; through this company the big work has started to include companies spread all over the Republic of Yemen, specialized in several fields of daily life.

El-Aghil Trading Company covers several trading activates including importing agricultural equipment, heavy equipment, home and office appliances and spare parts; in addition to modern workshops for most of its trade marks. the company's right and effectual march since the beginning has been the main factor to get agencies of the world's famous trade marks. some of these agencies include Volvo Group, Andoria, Atlas Copco, Avonite, RisoGraph Muratec, Syngenta and many others.


Yemen Garment Factory

The ready-made wear is one of the vital industries in all countries, for its direct link to the individual life, being an important expense. As such EL-AGHIL GROUP sought to pay attention for this industry and established on 3rd May 1978, the Yemen Garment Factory to close on existing industrial gap in this field through manufacturing under and upper wear with high-ranking level to compete the international level.


Yemen Snack Food

Children food was brought to the attention of El-Aghil Group. for this purpose, it established through the Yemen snack food manufacturing company on the 31st of March, 1985, the first factory of snack food in Yemen. the factory provides, for children and adults, local potatoes in bags, manufactured locally and bear the caricature of the world's personality ' NOMAN'; in addition, the company has recently started producing the Anees cheese flavored corn curls.


Yemen Manufacturing Company For Hygienic Disposables

On March 31st of 1985, El-Aghil Group established the Yemen Manufacturing Company for Hygienic Disposables. The factory built by the company is a pioneer in the Republic of Yemen and it produces sanitary towel, Ryhan Plus and Ryhan Ultra, according to studied specifications, which develop the best Yemeni products and compete with the best foreign similar qualities.


Yemen Cement Silos

The Yemen Cement Silos (YCS) was established in 1975 after 10 years of trading in bagged cement. It is owned 100% by El-Aghil Group.

the project was erected in Al-Saleef port, which is about 75 miles north to Hodeida port, along the coastline of the Red Sea. the reason for this location was the draft pf the place. the draft can take vessels of 25,000 MT to 30,000 MT.